The map below features driving directions, hiking trails, and a few San Pablo landmarks. Zoom in to the detail you’re interested in, then click on the line or the placemark for comments. Alternatively, click the symbol in the top left to open a panel with layers you can turn on or off. Click the trail names for verbal comments. (Please report to management any errors or suggested improvements in the maps. Thanks.)

Directions from airport to Casa El Barco:

Enter “Casa El Barco, San Pablo Etla” into Google Maps and it should lead you right to the door. Alternatively, the dirt road at the head of our driveway is Camino a Río Sapo, 3ra Secc San Pablo Etla, 68258 San Pablo Etla, Oax., Mexico. The resulting placemark is near to our house. Most Mexican and Gringo locals know the name of the house, which is near Casa Raab. Full verbal directions in English and Spanish are here. You might print them out for your taxi driver.

Hiking Trails Above El Barco:

Zoom in and click on the trails for more details. The longer trails are excellent, but not guaranteed to be in great shape for hiking. John used to maintain them with his machete and loppers, but he’s been away far too much and some favorite trails have grown in a bit. The trails are otherwise used by local woodcutters and occasionally by hikers. If you lose these trails, others will appear. They all connect and will get you home in due time.

See another hiking map and photos here.