Ah, one of the best parts of Oaxaca … the markets. In the old days people didn’t travel as much and village markets overlapped a lot in their timing. But a few decades ago they realized it would be wiser to schedule the markets such that customers and vendors could take in a new one each day of the week. Each has its own character, and you’ll likely discover your personal favorites–but only if you try more than one!

  • Sunday: Tlacolula. One of the biggest and most colorful, featuring just about everything.
  • Tuesday: Atzompa. Specializes in green glaze pottery.
  • Wednesday: Etla. The closest medium-sized market to San Pablo Etla and a great place to shop for green groceries and have lunch.
  • Thursday: Zaachila. Old and colorful, this market is one of most indigenous.
  • Friday: Ocotlan. The market itself is rich, but one of the best reasons for visiting is for the ceramics by the Agular sisters nearby and to stop in San Bartolo de Coyotepec on the way to or from to check out its famous black pottery.
  • Saturday: Mitla. The Mercado de Artesanias is near the ruins, which should be visited as well.
  • Oaxaca City’s Benito Juarez Market. THE indoor market for popular artisanal goods. Jam-packed with stalls, it’s not for the claustrophobic. Open every day.
  • Telcajete. This town is known for its alebrijes. There is no official market day, so you can visit anytime, wandering from studios to studio, most in the courtyards of the private homes of their carvers.
Siena overwhelmed by all the sugar skull choices for Day of the Dead.

Siena overwhelmed by all the sugar skull choices for Day of the Dead.