Virgilio, Rosa, Adele, and Florencio welcome you to El Barco and La Casita.

On-site manager: Florencio is our go-to person in Oaxaca. He lives nearby, manages several properties, and is a great friend to the community. It helps that he speaks excellent English and fixes all our computers. Call his mobile from the house phone at 110-2813 or from your American mobile at +52-1-951-110-2813. From a Mexican mobile use 951-110-2813. Or write him at florenciovp at gmail dot com. His wife, Sarai, offers excellent catered cooking to guests with prior arrangement.

Housekeeper: Rosa is our trusted Oaxacan “mom” who takes care of us and is of tremendous help to several families on the Hill. She cleans El Barco and La Casita and makes sure everything is as it should be. You’ll need to speak Spanish to converse with her, or ask Florencio to communicate for you, but she is very comfortable with non Spanish speaking guests and is a delight.

Groundskeeper: Virgilio waters the outdoor plants and sweeps the grounds several days a week. He has been with us since we moved here in 2005 and also works for our neighbors. If you do speak Spanish he will spin lots of tales and is a great source for local knowledge of the area.

Owner: Meet Adele on the About Us page here.